Privacy Policy



-This privacy policy clarifies how personal data is processed, as the directory application website is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of sensitive data.

-This policy has been prepared to disclose the application policy in data collection and dissemination.


*Collection and use of data:


-When you visit the Site: The servers of the Site capture your network protocol address (which is the number of your computer, this allows other devices connected to the Internet to determine the destination of their data, and collect some data, such as: browser quality and search engine, without identifying your personal identity.

-Using the application for your network protocol helps to diagnose problems occurring in your servers, and perform the necessary statistics to measure their use, knowing that the competent technical team is authorized to access your network protocol unless regulations and procedures require otherwise.




Application carries out the necessary care to protect the data provided by the user in accordance with best practices, and encrypts sensitive data that must be kept confidential as required by the systems.




To save cookies on your computer when you visit it, these files are data that accurately identify you as a user and can be used to optimize your knowledge of the app.


*Protection of personal data:


The application provides access to data only to specialists and those related to the application of a directory, consistent with the users dealings with the site.